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Tenugui: Traditional Japanese cotton cloths.

Originally tenugui were used as hand-towels, but have become more of a decorative item while still retaining their useful qualities.

These decorative and super-useful cloths are hand-dyed 100% cotton!

They measure approximately 100cm x 35cm (39.37" x 13.78").

The patterns appear on both sides and they are so versatile! Use them to: 

  • Wrap gifts 
  • Hang as wall-decor (look awesome framed!)
  • Use as a bandana or a head-band like many sushi chefs and martial artists do.
  •  Use in your craft projects
  • And more!

The ends of the tenugui are left unfinished so they dry quickly - (This is an intentional feature.) After repeated washing, the edges will fray out into a unique shaped edge that is a cherished, signature feature of these towels. Don't worry - the ends of the tenugui will tighten up after being washed a few times.

To care for these tenugui, we recommend hand washing for the first several times to prepare them for eventual machine wash.

This article provides a bit more information about these unique items!