Red and Gold Kikko

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This obi is a gorgeous piece! It is truly a wearable, one-of-a kind work of artistic craftsmanship!

This listing is for a Fukuro obi which is patterned along approximately 60% of its length.


A fukuro obi is about 12 inches wide
11.8 ft to 14.8 ft long.

This obi is a beautiful bold red color featuring a brilliant golden kikkou (auspicious tortoise-shell) pattern with gorgeous floral accents which really make it pop!
Truly a dynamic and showstopping obi!

It is in very good condition and ready to be worn or used for decoration.

Don't miss out on this unique piece. It is a vintage obi, so this will be the only one of it's kind ever made! When we say one-of-a-kind, we really mean it!

Add this gorgeous piece to your wardrobe or home decor today!